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Explaining Breastfeeding Calories and Weight Loss

Plus Non-Nursing Weight Loss Calories in Comparison— 10 lbs off! Let’s see…that took about 15 weeks. While normal weight loss should be around 1% of your body weight per week (so 1-2 lbs), breastfeeding weight loss should be about half … Continue reading Explaining Breastfeeding Calories and Weight Loss

Log Your Food

Keep track of what you eat. I don’t care how you do it. If you want to lose weight, it’s one of the easiest ways to stay on target. Studies show that people who logged their food regularly lost weight, even if they weren’t trying to. Think about that for a second. They weren’t even trying to lose weight…they just wrote down what they ate. And the scale went down! Once you start doing this, you’ll understand why it works. You’re suddenly aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. And you’re accountable to yourself (or others, if you have … Continue reading Log Your Food