Spy Interrogation at the Rev War Reenactment

Want to see how our spy ring played out? My friend Chris caught Sunday’s interrogation on video!

You’ll notice I’m not actually in this. My sister is the one pleading to the spy not to give up any information, and my husband is the interrogator who “doesn’t have the social standing that prohibits him from behaving in any manner whatsoever.” I had a bit part on Saturday, but mostly I was involved in the planning and execution of all of this. And while I used to love the spot light, being on the sidelines was a lot less pressure for me since I have my two little rugrats. But I tell you what: I was so very proud of everyone who participated, and had a great time being a part of this!

They ad-libbed this whole thing by the way. None of this was actually scripted. We set the stage with a strong background story and outlined who needed to be where, when. There was quite a bit more to this that wasn’t caught on camera, such as the spies walking through town while arguing over what to do, as well as the spies actually getting caught. One little girl from the public told some reenactors that she was on the wagon when the spy got caught right next to her. She was so excited!

I tell you what: I know this was a success because all sorts of reenactors wanted to be involved while we were out there. We felt terrible saying no, but we spent a lot of time outlining our plot, and we needed to keep our changes to necessities that evolved due to the event site and logistics. So for all of you people who were there and want to be a part of this in the future, or who watch this from home and think, I could do something like this, let us know. We hope to do something similar next year, and you are more than welcome to be involved in the process.

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