Kids Make Moving Quite the Experience

I Spy With My Little Eye…I spy with my little eye...

Too good not to share. Apparently my little Baer is having a bit too much fun, and wearing himself out. Actually, this nap of his is exactly why I have the time to sneak away and write this blog.

(Don’t worry. I moved him to his crib…after I took a couple quick pictures. Couldn’t help myself…)

We’re getting there with the move. We just turned over the keys to the Bartlett townhouse. I was sad to say goodbye (because I get way too attached to inanimate objects) but the townhouse was home for over a year. Still, it’s nice to get the security deposit back. šŸ™‚

Thank you to everyone who showed up over the big weekend move to help. We couldn’t have done this without your amazing generosity. I really couldn’t believe how much we were able to move in just a weekend!

Unpacking has been quite an experience. Moving is stupid stressful. I don’t care how you do it. Maybe if you had a ton of money and hired someone else to do absolutely everything…but even then, there are a lot of changes and adjusting isn’t easy, even if its for the better. Like, what type of ground turkey does the grocery store carry and how much does it cost? And why are the chicken breasts double the price? Why does this soft water make my hair feel so weird? And who thought dumping 2.5 lbs of coffee on the carpet, while ripping up all my tea bags, would be fun? Oh yeah, my kids.

Gives new meaning to "Tea Party"...
Gives new meaning to “Tea Party”…

That was a fun way to meet the neighbors. “Hi, my kids just dumped an entire Costco bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in my living room, and my vacuum is still in Bartlett. Can I borrow yours?”

When things are tough, I just focus on how happy the kids are. They are running EVERYWHERE. I’ve never seen them run this much. The house is laid out in a circle, so they just run around it…a lot. It’s awesome.

Also, we’ve been to the church down the street twice now, and we love it! Hopefully when the excitement of having a welcoming, beautiful church that’s only two houses away wears off, we’ll still love it. I suspect we will. šŸ™‚

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