Santa visits the Union Children’s Christmas Party!

I gotta hand it to the Local 701 Electrician’s Union. They do a great job with the extras. Their family Christmas gathering really got the Christmas season going! I mean, with my new country outlook, I am more than aware that our union dues go to pay for this sort thing. Still, they did a great job. And it was so nice to see so many other young families there.

The best part: Santa Clause! I honestly didn’t think I was going to get the kids to visit Santa this year. And while I was okay with that…I still felt a little sad.  I knew there would be presents at the Christmas gathering because Thomas volunteered the evening before to help wrap them. But I had no idea that a) the toys would be so nice (Melissa and Doug brand!), and that b) they’d have a Santa!

Not gonna lie…when we walked in there and saw the Santa sitting next to the Christmas tree, all decked out in red with his big white beard…I think I was the most excited out of all of us. It’s funny because it’s a different excitement than when you’re a kid yourself. It’s like: I get to share this magic with my kids now, and I’m so happy to be a part of that. So giving them a chance to meet Santa at this young age is pretty special…probably mostly for me.

Of course my second reaction was, “Oh crap, my camera is in the car!” But the union guy (I assume he was somewhat of a big-wig) handed me a card with the website where I could download their photographer’s photos, and I grinned from ear to ear. They thought of everything.2015 IBEW 701 Christmas Party (87)

Jack screamed immediately when I handed him to the man in red. No surprise there. Ginny smiled for most of it, but I think she was a little nervous herself.

Also at the party, they had face painting, a little wildlife animal show, and clowns with holiday balloons for the kids. Ginny got a Rudolph hat! That didn’t last long. Jack popped one of the eyeballs as soon as we got home.LEI2AH8YPDMuMa8SFpuoIxh1V5xIV8zSLwePvsheshA

And we were home by 12:30pm. The kids immediately dove into their toys. Ginny got a musical instrument set, complete with a harmonica (I really need to show her the Alvin and Chipmunks Christmas show), and Jack got a wooden pound tower (not sure what else to call it…there are balls on top that he hits with a hammer and they bounce down the inside of the tower). Oh, and we stopped for donuts. Probably shouldn’t admit that, since this is mostly a healthy recipe blog, but they were a nice treat.

Well done Local 701. As a new union member’s wife, I was pleasantly surprised.

Jack wasn't very sure about getting his picture taken.
Jack wasn’t very sure about getting his picture taken, but I don’t think the union lady could resist! 🙂

All photos in this blog post are courtesy of IBEW Local 701.

One thought on “Santa visits the Union Children’s Christmas Party!

  1. I love the pictures of the kids. Chris also cried and wouldn’t come out from under our arms when Santa came to our house to hand out presents. Felt so bad for Santa.


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