Jack’s Newborn Bella Baby Photos

At the hospital, a Bella Baby photographer visited us to take newborn photos of Jack. I knew they’d be very expensive, but I wanted to see what the photographer came up with. Thomas’ sister enjoys photography, and I thought maybe we’d be able to get some new ideas for baby pictures. However, the Bella Baby photographer turned out to be awesome, and her photos were adorable.  How could I just let them slip through my fingers? Especially the picture of Thomas and Jack!

Thanks to the generosity of my good friend Peggy and Jack’s two grandmas, Nana Diane and Grandma Connie, we were able to purchase the digital copies of the photos, as well as the copyrights. So, I’ve decided to post my 6 favorite pictures, saving my favorite for last. I realize this is a bit self serving (look everyone, photos of my new baby!!!!), but since they’re technically a gift from the above mentioned three, I wanted to share them with my readers.

I do intend to get back to posting healthy recipes and weight loss tips. They’re much easier to do when I’m trying to lose or maintain my weight personally, which I intend to get back to in about 4 weeks. After all, as good as I was during most of my pregnancy (pay no attention to the last month and a half…especially that last half I wasn’t counting on), I’m definitely going to have some baby weight to lose, again. Please, dear readers, have patience with me. I promise to get back to the heart of this blog soon. In fact, I have a yummy, healthy, raspberry pie recipe that I hope to post soon. Stay tuned, and enjoy the pictures!










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