Supporting the James Ward Family Memorial Fund

For those who don’t know, my uncle passed away last week after a very long fight with cancer. Because he lived so far away, my siblings and I didn’t know him nearly as well as we would have liked. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or cruel irony that we were just starting to connect when he began his three year battle. I guess it can be looked at both ways. E

Funny Uncle Jim (as we used to call him when we were little) left his  family with one heck of a medical bill. I don’t mean to say that negatively. Medical care is expensive (I say knowingly as I stare at the estimates for the baby birthing bills that are about to hit our bank account). Jim’s family created a memorial fund, asking friends and family to help out. Thanks to social media, I found out about it (social media is awesome for this sort of thing…my aunt shared the link on facebook), so I’m sharing the link on my blog.

Please don’t feel like I’m asking you to donate money. I more or less just want to put the word out there and share the link below to the gifting site, because I’m glad it got to me.

I’m supporting James Ward Family Memorial Fund.Uncle Jim Ward


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