Cloth Diaper Review: Blueberry Minky One-Size Pocket Diaper

I purchased a Blueberry Minky One-Size Snap Pocket Diaper before Ginny was even born because I wanted a really fluffy diaper to add to my stash. Well, I got what I wanted: lots of fluff. To be honest, I’ve waited to write a review about it because I hoped as she grew and got older, the super giant diaper would fit her better.

Now, at 15½ months, it’s still really, really fluffy.

I wasn’t really looking for “bulk” when I bought this. I was drawn to the soft, minky material that the diaper exterior is made of. So I guess I got the wrong kind of “fluffy.” Don’t get me wrong…it’s soft. I’m just not sure if having a soft diaper is worth all the bulk.

Ginny at 10 Months wearing her Blueberry Minky Diaper
Ginny at 10 Months wearing her Blueberry Minky Diaper

Seriously, this diaper is huge, no matter what setting you have it on. Ginny typically looks like she’s got a big butt in cloth diapers, but this is ridiculous. It’s actually kind of hard to get the diaper to fit into some of her pants.

Now, I will say that this diaper has held up well. I didn’t use it too terribly much on the small setting, but once Ginny moved into the medium size, I added it to our regular rotation. The inserts are bigger than usual pocket diaper inserts, and that’s nice for extra absorbency, if you need it.

And it’s definitely cute. I love the print I chose (called “cow”), but the other Blueberry prints are adorable as well. These fluffy minkys are the kind of diapers that you can easily pair with t-shirts and baby leggings for a really darling, easy to change, outfit.

I’ve heard of toddlers loving these diapers because they’re soft and fluffy. Ginny’s not at the point where she notices the differences in her cloth diapers, but maybe when she gets there, this will become a favorite. You never know.

Until then, I’ll keep using the Blueberry Minky, but I don’t intend on buying another one. I wouldn’t mind trying one of their regular, non-minky diapers, but they’re not cheap, so I probably won’t venture there anytime soon.

Have you tried a Blueberry pocket diaper? What did you think?

Update 10/15/2015: From what I can tell, Blueberry has discontinued their minky pocket diapers. However, they still offer Blueberry One-Size Pocket Diapers with some pretty adorable prints.


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