Cloth Diaper Review: Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper

I haven’t written about cloth diapers in a while, but I took some adorable pictures of Ginny in a couple of new diapers and needed to start actually writing about them. So this post is about her new Eco Owl Rumparooz diaper.

Ginny in her new Rumparooz
Ginny in her new Rumparooz

This is Ginny’s Diva Diaper Pose. 

I absolutely love the print. Rumparooz have a lot of different color options for their pocket diapers, including prints and solids. I’ve always wanted one because I’ve heard they’re great.

Well, Thomas and I just recently stumbled upon a baby store in Champaign, IL that carries a decent selection of cloth diapers (I was elated…I think the sales lady thought I was a bit weird). It’s called Babyland and it’s at 1209 Savoy Plaza Ln, Savoy, IL. The store isn’t WAHM owned (Working At Home Mom), but it is family owned. Anyway, I don’t think Thomas was going to be cruel enough to force me out of that store without a new diaper. Hence, the new purple owl diaper.

And I really haven’t been disappointed. It’s a great diaper. I don’t think it’s leaked once. Rumparooz have what they call a “poop scoop.” Since they have double inner gussets, a pocket forms at the back of the diaper, holding the poop in. I know that might sound gross, but it’s kind of awesome.

I’ve also noticed that the Rumparooz one size diaper isn’t quite as bulky as my others. Ginny is kind of itty-bitty, so we’re still in the “small” size setting, but even that can get very fluffy with my bumGenius diapers. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s kind of a nice feature.

Other than that, they’re very similar to what I consider a standard one size pocket diaper. Granted, I am basing that on the bumGenius 4.0s. The Rumparooz come with two inserts (officially dubbed 6r Soakers), including a small size, and a larger size that snaps down to a medium setting. I chose snaps rather than hook & loop (velcro), and they are very standard. No problems there. They are very, very soft on the inside. Even the elasticized legs are soft.

The problem I do have with Rumparooz…the price. Their typical listing price is $23.95. That’s kind of a lot for one cloth diaper. I know the double gusset technology is great and all, but really? You can’t at least pretend to compete with bumGenius at $17.95? If we were just discussing buying one diaper (as I did, in this instance), then the extra $6 wouldn’t be that big a deal. But when you want at least 20 diapers to put together your stash, that adds up, fast.

It adds up anyway.

I will say, however, that if you can afford the difference, I would definitely recommend the Rumparooz one size pocket diapers. Leaking is never fun, and while it doesn’t happen too often with other brands, I wouldn’t mind having an entire “fluff” stash that leaked a little less.


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