I Always Forget How Difficult Harvest Season Really Is

You can romanticize harvest season all you like….let me tell you, it sucks. Especially when you have a baby.

Now I do need to note that I recognize how easy I have it. I’m not milking cows, chasing chickens, washing cloth diapers in an outdoor basin, or anything like that. So really, I shouldn’t be complaining.

Still, this is tough.Thomas and the Tractor

Thomas comes home with approximately one hour to eat, shower, and get to bed. That just happens to be the same hour that I need to get Ginny changed, rocked, fed a bottle, and calmed down enough to put in her crib. Not to mention that by this time in the evening, I’m pretty worn out too.

How do moms with multiples do this?

I did get to ride in the tractor with Thomas a bit, and that was a fun experience. Those machines are intense! There are so many controls– I felt like I was in a helicopter. I might as well have been, with all the noise, and the bumpy ride. Talk about an ab workout! It actually felt a lot like riding a horse.Kathleen and Thomas in the Tractor

But it’s also really difficult having to miss out on events that I can’t really do with the baby alone (such as the reenactment in Louisville this past weekend). And Thomas works nonstop for weeks at a time, missing all family and friend gatherings. Everyone is super supportive, because they all know what he’s going through, but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss him.

I know I sure do.


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