Sweetie Pie Baby: Honest Diapers

Honest Company, at Honest.com, really made a huge difference in the first couple months of Ginny’s life. Here’s how:

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper after spending a great deal of time talking to my baby guru, Kristina, about the ins and outs of “fluff”. But I spoke to a woman who sells cloth diapers and she told me that even though One Size Fits All diapers say they fit 8 lbs babies, they really don’t fit well until babies are at least 10 lbs. Something about the baby’s leg circumference unable to fill the space for the legs, resulting in a yucky mess.

Ginny was not a 10 lb newborn.

Nowhere close.

And since I knew she might even be a premature baby, Mom and I started looking into alternatives. Now, they do make newborn cloth diapers. I’ve had some friends who had very successful experiences with them and I hope to post on them soon. But I knew cloth diapering would be a learning experience for me and I wasn’t quite ready to make that commitment on day one of motherhood.

Here enters Honest.com.

Ginny, 3 weeks old, in her Honest Diaper
Ginny, 3 weeks old, in her Honest Diaper

Honest Company makes diapers that are biodegradable and…get this…they’re made from wheat and corn! I love it! They support agriculture, they’re plant-based, they don’t use any harsh chemicals or chlorine, and they’ve got all sorts of designs that are super cute.

Honestly (no pun intended), if I could afford to use these all the time instead of cloth, I probably would. But half the reason I go with cloth diapers is the money thing. So if you can afford to use disposables all the time, but you want to find an eco-friendly way to do it, this is the company for you.

My very generous mom bought us a newborn Honest Diapers Bundle with wipes for Ginny’s first month. It lasted well into the second month, and then we switched to cloth…with a good amount of Honest disposable diapers left over (meaning their bundles aren’t stingy).

For me, this was the perfect means to transition into cloth. I started out with eco-friendly disposables, which I already knew how to use, and moved at my own pace into the cloth diapers when Ginny’s legs were big enough.

As for the Honest Wipes, they’re awesome! I can’t find anything in the stores that compares, and believe me, I’ve tried. They’re free of harsh chemicals and biodegradable, just like the diapers. And you know that chemical, nasty smell that normal wipes has that gets onto your fingers and doesn’t seem to come off? None of that here. They stay moist. They’re safe to use on fingers, pacifiers, toys, that sort of thing. They’re strong…and that’s actually kind of important.

What’s funny is that I didn’t know to appreciate them when I had them. Once I started buying wipes at the store, even the natural ones, I realized that I had it pretty good with the Honest wipes.


So all you eco-friendly moms out there, or better yet…all those moms who want to be eco-friendly but aren’t sure how without giving up their disposables…check this out.

And if you don’t mind, click on my ad below before you buy. I’ll get a referral credit from them, and hey, every little bit helps.

 Honest Diapers are Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, and Fashionable. Learn More!

Oh, and they’ve got all sorts of cleaning supplies, bath and body products, and other “green” items too, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them.

Once again, I wouldn’t say I recommend this company if I didn’t believe in them. But seriously people, their diapers are made out of wheat and corn! How awesome is that? (says the farmer’s wife).

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