Cloth Diapers 102 | Night Time Diapering

We love Ginny’s night time diapers! Here’s why:

Technically, there’s no such thing as a night time diaper…it’s just something Thomas and I call our night time diapering routine. But I could swear it’s what helped Ginny sleep through the night at only 3 months old.

I thought I’d share this with you, because even if you’re not into cloth diapers, you might want to get a few cloth diapers and doublers and give this a try. No one says you can’t do disposable diapers during the day and switch to a cloth diaper when your baby goes to sleep.

Ginny's Night Time Diaper
Ginny’s Night Time Diaper

Here’s what we do. We take a bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper and stuff it with a normal insert and a doubler.

What’s a pocket diaper? See Cloth Diapers 101 | Diapering Basics

Here we have (from right to left) a hemp doubler, a bamboo doubler, and a microfiber insert.
Here we have (from left to right) a hemp doubler, a bamboo doubler, and a microfiber insert.

What’s a doubler? A doubler is a super soaking insert that’s usually made out of hemp (we use Hemp Babies Doublers) or bamboo (we use Blueberry Bamboo Doublers). The doubler absorbs more moisture than a regular, microfiber insert. I prefer the hemp because it’s thinner, but Thomas prefers the bamboo because it really feels heavy duty.

How does the night time diaper work? When your baby wets the diaper, the moisture gets pulled through the pocket’s microfleece layer, then through the regular, microfiber insert layer, and is finally absorbed by the doubler. Once the doubler can hold no more, the regular insert soaks up the rest.

So if you look at the picture below, you can see that the thicker insert (ie the doubler) goes under the regular insert, and those are put in the pocket of the diaper.Diaper Night Time

Most of the time, Ginny’s skin is dry all night long.

Now I have had Ginny sleep for a really long time (what can I say? She’s like her dad and she likes her sleep!) Sometimes the diapers leak out. I could probably put them on a bit tighter. I guess it doesn’t bother me because it’s usually not much and simply wets her sleeper pj’s a little. What’s important is that her butt is pretty much dry even after sleeping 10+ hours!

That means Ginny only wakes up when she’s hungry or no longer tired. You just can’t beat that.

Ginny Sleeping Soundly

One thought on “Cloth Diapers 102 | Night Time Diapering

  1. I gotta admit–nothing diaper-related has helped our little bean sleep longer. She’s just not sleep-gifted like Ginny is! So results not guaranteed, like you said 🙂 Still, this busts the myth I’ve heard that you can’t keep a baby dry overnight cloth-diapering!


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