Sweetie Pie Baby: Accessorizing with Bibs

As I mention in my “About Me” page, I intend to talk about new mommy/baby topics on this blog. So I’d like to begin this particular post with a disclaimer to all of you out there reading SweetPeas and Soybeans for the weight loss tips and recipes…baby stuff can be cute, sure, but sometimes it’s not. There’s a lot that comes with being a new mommy that’s a little uncouth, like breastfeeding, diapering, childbirth…that sort of thing. To make sure you can identify these baby posts, I’m going to start them all with, “Sweetie Pie Baby,” in the title.

That said, here’s something light. Bibs.

I didn’t give bibs much thought when I shopped for baby clothes before giving birth. I bought/ registered for about everything else I could think of. I did pick up a few bibs at garage sales…they were all pink, but since I didn’t figure I’d need them often, variety didn’t matter to me.

Boy was that stupid.

Here’s the thing…when babies teethe, they often drool. I get the impression that’s not all babies, but mine does. Ginny is like a constant water fountain with no pool to catch the spit except her clothes and mine. I had no idea what I was in for. Plus, she sucks her hands (yes, her hands…not her thumb mind you…her full hands), so they’re constantly dripping wet, as are her sleeves.

Bibs are the only saving grace for my baby clothes. Whenever I forget to put one on, I have to change her entire outfit almost within half an hour. It’s not like she’s drenched everything she’s wearing at that point, but her whole chest is wet all the way down to her skin. I know I hate wearing soggy clothes, so I can’t imagine it’s fun for her either. So I change them.

My little stack of pale pink bibs turned out to be a lifesaver. However, they weren’t that cute. Really, they made everything look “blah,” because they took over the whole outfit since they cover half the baby’s front. I realize this seems like a trivial complaint, but when you’ve got a bunch of really cute baby outfits, covering them up with ugly bibs is just upsetting.

And dressing up your baby is one of the perks of having one.

So if you’ve got a baby on the way, or your baby hasn’t reached the teething stage yet, go out and get yourself some cute baby bibs, in multiple color schemes. I just went garage sale shopping and picked up a few bibs with colors and designs that were more unique. Here’s Ginny wearing her new brown bordered bib with her brown bear dress:

Ginny, as always, sucking on her hands
Ginny, as always, sucking on her hands

Now, Ginny is more accessorized (I never thought that’d be important to me) and I’m happy to say that her outfit actually works.

3 thoughts on “Sweetie Pie Baby: Accessorizing with Bibs

  1. Ginny is just a dolly. Her and Ian will have a blast when they get to be walking and talking. I can*t wait to hug her. Love Marilyn


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