New to SweetPeas and Soybeans: Weight Loss Tips! To start…drink more water.

Fit and Farming: Weight Loss Tips from the Farm Wife

Who am I kidding? I’ve got a million and one helpful pieces of advice in my head and most of them are about weight loss. That’s probably because I was a weight loss consultant for three years, I lost 30 lbs and kept it off (with a little yoyo’ing), and I’ve struggled with all the same mind games as every other diet extremist out there.

So in addition to light & healthy recipes, I’m going to throw some weight loss tips your way, and perhaps they’ll help you. I expect they’ll be repetitive- something you’ve already heard, maybe even over and over and over again.

If I’ve learned anything in the weight loss world, it’s this: reminders are good. They help people get off the couch, again.

Today’s weight loss tip: drink water.

I can’t stress this enough. Water is the real “natural” diet drink. It literally whisks the fat out of your body. Need proof? Here’s a well-written article from

How Does Water Flush Fat Out Of Your System?

According to the article above (and pretty much everything I’ve read, ever), you’re supposed to drink at least 8 (8oz) glasses of water a day. That’s 64oz, or half a gallon.

What’s the best way to get all that water in? Take an empty gallon jug, fill it half way with water every morning, and put it on your counter. Drink from it all day, and by dinner time, make sure to finish what’s left.

Don’t mess with fancy-dancy diet drinks or supplements. I don’t care how natural they say they are. Nothing is more natural than water.

And did I mention it’s free?

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